Is it harmful to overeat?

Is it harmful to overeat occasionally?

Most of us overindulge in food from time to time; usually around the holidays or when you dine at the all you can eat restaurants.  The occasional pig out is ok but it doesn’t need to turn into a habit.  After you eat a very large meal you tend to step on the scale the next day and you see that you have gained 5 pounds maybe more.  Most of that weight is probably water especially if you ate a lot of carbohydrates (carbs turn into glycogen storage) in your body.  Also if the meal was high in sodium then your body cells will retain that water even more.

So what do you need to do to lose that water weight again?  Get back to your regular exercise routine and consume your original diet, you know the kinds of healthy foods you ate before your pig out. After about a day or two your body should lose that extra water gain and you should return back to normal weight again.

SO is it harmful to overeat on  occasion?    The answer is no as long as your pig out doesn’t turn into a habit.



Reference: Nutrition for Health Fitness and Sports, Ninth Edition.  Melvin H Williams.


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