Fitbit Flex Review

Fitbit FlexI just bought the Fitbit Flex and, so far, I love it.  The set up was really easy, which is good if you are technologically challenged like me.  The Fitbit Flex is a good tool to help you lose weight by keeping track of how far you walked and how many calories you burned.  This is a good tool to use. This is great if you’re an athlete or someone needing to lose weight.   The Fitbit flex website  also allows you to track and log sleep, weight, activities, food intake, water intake, blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, and it also has an area where you can journal.

Another side of Fitbit is the community aspect.  The Fitbit website is a community site where you can join groups and make friends.  The social aspect of Fitbit is awesome if you are looking for some help staying motivated.  The site offers a privacy option so  you don’t have to tell the world your weight if you do not want to.  You can find and make friends with people who are  in the same boat as you, and if you like to compete with friends, friend each other in Fitbit and check out each others stats.

If you want to compete with yourself, you can make a goal and then when you meet your goal, it gives you a badge.  This Fitbit Flex syncs with some android phones and Apple 4S iPhones and up.  I have the app on my phone and it makes it convient to check my stats.  This is a great product.  I highly recommend the Fitbit Flex.

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